Aluminum Annealing

Aluminum Annealing

Erickson provides a complete range of tempers precisely tailored to each application, from 0-temper (soft) to full hard tempers.

When you want to bend aluminum into a less-accessible shape, annealing offers a solution. The process involves heating it close to the melting point, and then allowing the material to slowly cool. In response, the material’s crystalline structure softens, making it more malleable.

Erickson Metals’ computer controlled, inert gas annealing furnaces enable us to produce stain-free material with minimum surface oxides, fine grain size, and mechanical properties consistently throughout the coils.

What can we do?

  • Our equipment can soften and bend wrought and cast aluminum alloys.
  • We offer full and partial annealing.
  • Our computer-controlled furnaces handle small to large loads.
  • Our facilities offer a quick turnaround.

For heat-treating and annealing aluminum, our facilities offer efficient, thorough, and professional service. When your project requires formed or bended aluminum, contact any of our four locations to learn more.