Aluminum Sawing, Cut-to-length and Shearing

Erickson Metals maintains the most advanced equipment in our modern plants. Our facilities process sheet, plate, rod, bar and extruded aluminum for customers in many industries, which include high technology and aerospace applications.


Sawing: Get superior-cut aluminum pieces for your job or application. Our precision services incorporate multiple saws to cut through hollow and solid shapes. We handle a wide range of lengths and thicknesses, as well as large and small pieces, with quick turnaround on your request each time.

Shearing: This fabrication process cuts perfectly-straight lines through flat aluminum sheets. But that’s not all. Our facility’s capabilities allow us to produce of geometric lines through the metal, from perfectly perpendicular to very close parallel lines.

This process meeting ANSI and ASTM standards:

  • Can handle aluminum sheets of varying thicknesses.
  • Is available for a range of metal stocks.
  • Is done specifically to your wants and needs, including custom sizes.
  • Makes a large piece of aluminum easier to manage.

Erickson provides customers with these benefits:

  • Precision sawing with tolerances as close as +/-.005” on width and length, as well as close tolerances for squareness and parallelism.
  • Cut-To-Length aluminum sheet from coils up to .125” thick, 60” wide, and as long as 20 feet.
  • Precision shearing of up to .250” thick sheet and 12 foot long material, with tolerances better than half commercial standard on width and length

If your project calls for aluminum shearing or sawing, we’ll assist you in completing it to your standards. To learn more, contact any of our locations.