Aluminum Slitting

Aluminum Slitting
Do you have to cut through a large aluminum tube? Slitting efficiently splices one of these large coils into smaller, ribbon-like pieces.

Erickson Metals’ slitting lines process coils cut to our customers’ close tolerance width specifications from .250” to 47.5”, with maximum outside diameters to 64”. With our computer-operated setup, we provide:

  • Custom slitting methods that do not compromise the material’s integrity.
  • A range of gauges and widths, with each job cut to your specifications.
  • A range of processing techniques, including razor, rotary, and solid knife.
  • A turnkey solution: After the material is slit, we recoil and package it according to your standards.

The tightly wound coils that result from Erickson Metals’ precision slitting consistently create less surface damage, produce less scrap, and are easier to handle.

For precise aluminum slitting, count on Erickson Metals to get the job done. For requesting an order or inquiring more about our capabilities, contact any of our locations.